FREE consultation
We can mutually arrange a time for me to come out and meet with you and your pooch so we can get to know each other. We can then personalise a package to deliver the services that best suit you and your family.

*Bank holidays double rates apply*

Dog Walking - Includes a walk for the full hour, play, treats if requested, towel dry and water replenished
Group walk - £12 (No more than 6 well socialised dogs walked at any one time)
Individual Walk - £20 For those who prefer to be walked alone
Additional Dog from the same family - £9
 * Dogs over the age of 9 months who are not castrated or spayed will be unable to join us on our group walks*

Home Visits - It can be unsettling for a puppy whilst learning the ropes. Hill's Happy Hounds can provide a service where we can visit your pup, have a cuddle, a play, feed and clean up any 'accidents' there may be. This service is important to help support a regular routine and also reinforce any commands you may be teaching your little one.
Individual visit - £12
Two visits per day - £17
This service is not exhaustive to puppies, our older friends who are at a stage in life where they are unable to walk as far will also benefit. They may need medication administering, play, an all important cuddle or simply just enjoy some extra company. 

Pet Sitting in your own home - Whats better when you're away than to know your pooch is looked after in their own enviroment following their usual routine with an added bonus of knowing your home is secure.
Pet Sit 24 hours  - £25 for first dog and 25% for additional dog from the same household